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Monday, August 28, 2017

Sintron iPhone LCD & Screen - before & after installation

if you are new beginner for replacing iPhone LCD & Screen .and you purchased Sintron "pure" iPhone LCD Screen .(which means it doesn't include the front camera ,flex cable .metal case etc...Sintron also has "complete" version ) .there are times we have been asked why the product is not the same as your iPhone Screen .then answer is in fact quite easy .you haven't transferred the parts from your old ( damaged ) screen to Sintron New Screen yet .below would be the list for all models (including 5 ,5c ,5s ,SE ,6 ,6 plus ,6s ,6s plus ,7 ,7 plus ) - before & after installation .

more info :iPhone screen installation guide

Model : 5
before :

5 after : front

5 after : back

Model : 5c
before :

5c after : front

5c after : back

Model : 5s & SE ( the same appearance )

before :

5s & SE after : front

5s & SE after : back

Model : 6 & 6 plus ( just the screen size is different )
before :

6 & 6 plus after : front

6 & 6 plus after : back

Model : 6s & 6s plus ( just the screen size is different )
before :

6s & 6s plus after : front

6s & 6s plus after : back

Model : 7
update soon



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