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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How to Avoid damaging New iPhone LCD & Screen - by Sintron

after we sold over 10,000+ LCD & Screen .we had collected all the returns back from our customers .below are the pictures we were testing once again for the returned ones .we would analyze every one of them .and to make sure we understand every customer's concern and to have better quality & customer experience in the future .

we found that if the LCD & Screen didn't get cracked during logistics delivery . and you found item can't work after Warranty Check . over 90% possibility it is related with the issue of "Flex cable" or the "Plug"

1. so what are the problems with the "Flex cable" ?

for iPhone flex cable , it's very fragile and easy to get damaged . so the first thing you need to keep in mind is . NEVER EVER "PULL THE CABLE"

 below are the pictures of the "flex cable" and another is the "IC" for LCD & Screen .

When you got Sintron iPhone LCD & Screen .make sure you don't pull the cable at all .the cable is connecting the IC with LCD & Screen .once you pull it .it's possible to get detached from the Screen .there are many pins .the most possible situation is ,only a few pins got detached .so you would see the LCD is showing correct display .while some parts of touch screen might not work perfectly .this is possible because some pins (which is in charge of date transferring) already got detached . so only Parts of data can be transferred to communicate with IC .

2.How about the Plug ?

for new beginner ( no offense ,but sometimes expert too ) ,when you put back the plug .( see how to avoid damaging logic board ) ,try to notice not to have misalignment error and please check "how to remove and connect the cable notice" ,

the key point is , after you plug it in correctly and power on your iPhone .don't touch or move the cable at all . because the cable is sending date all the time even you don't use the screen . if you touch the cable even a little bit . it's possible to cause the touch screen not function correctly . so when you see the touch function is not good .don't judge too fast .please try to double check if the cable is fixed good in position .


Saturday, September 16, 2017

How to Avoid damaging your iPhone logic board

no matter what model of iPhone you are trying to DIY replacement .or what parts you are replacing ( most of time LCD & Screen ) .the first thing you need to do is to power it off .and that's just the basic step .(check Sintron iPhone instruction guide)

the important thing you need to know is ,even you already power it off .there's still some voltage on your iPhone .so any short circuit or contact during installation process is also possible to cause instant high voltage .which is possible to burn your logic board .and your iPhone would be useless at all .

as we might know .if this is your first time to replace the LCD & Screen .it's possible that you need to sacrifice a few LCD & Screens before you can get familiar with it (i mean for those they don't check our guide and blog carefully ,if you did check our every points ,there's a big chance you can get it done from beginning ) .Sacrificing a few LCD & Screen are find .they are not expensive .but if you burn your logic board .you would loss a lot !

so to be safe .please must remove the battery plug and also put an insulator between the plug and your logic board .then usually in this case . your iPhone would be very safe !


Monday, September 11, 2017

Fully Assembled -- Sintron iPhone LCD & Screen replacement

What is the difference Between Fully Assembled and normal iPhone LCD&Screen ?

Traditionally ,if your iPhone LCD/Screen got damaged .you need to replace the LCD/Screen .and during this process ,you have also need to transfer old parts such as camera ,earpiece etc...from old LCD/Screen to new ones . this takes quite much time to complete it .in addition .if you are new beginner ,over 90% possibility you might cause some damage to Screen ,Camera ,proximity sensor or even the logic board !

Sintron Fully Assembled LCD & Screen -- with All the parts Pre-Assembled together ,including front camera ,proximity sensor ,earpiece ,shield plate ,home button (some models) ,and the best parts is ,these parts are from original ! so they would work the same as your original iPhone .

below is the picture of fully assembled LCD/Screen ,you can see the difference with normal LCD/Screen. ( which you need to transfer old parts )


1.Should i choose this model for my iPhone ?

if you are new beginner ,and just would like to get your iPhone working again .i recommend you to use this one .a little bit more expensive (but still lots cheaper to go to shop .but save you much trouble . ( PS : most beginner would sacrifice a few Screens if using non-assembled Screen )

2.Am i able to complete this if i have no experience ?

     yes .possible .what you need is patience and check our instruction carefully ! then it's just plug off and plug on job if are you using this Pre-assembled LCD/Screen .

3.Why should i replace it by myself .

lots of our customer would purchase our normal LCD/Screen as material ,then go to DIY shop asking them to replace it .the fee for DIY shop is around $50 .however ,with this fully assembled one & our instruction together .you can save lots of fee instead of going to shop .we had made it much easier for beginner .


Sintron Fully Assembled iPhone LCD & Screen photos

Sintron Fully Assembled iPhone LCD & Screen photos

model : iPhone 5

model : iPhone 5C

model : iPhone 5S

model : iPhone 6

model : iPhone 6S


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Warranty Terms

When receiving our new products .please don't start transferring parts such as earpiece , camera ,home button right away . the first thing you need to do is to check the quality .

for quality check ,you can follow instruction steps until :Step : stage 1 test

before we send the products to our customer .we test each of them at least 3 times to make sure the LCD and touch screen is perfect .

according to our research .over 95% problems were caused during logistics problem (our responsibility ) or common mistake & installation error (customer's responsibility).

these should not be the quality problem. therefore we would like our customer to check the quality first before you start to install it.

if you find any problems for the quality check .please inform and CONTACT US first .we will be fully responsible for it .Warranty would be void for common mistakes & installation error (customer's responsibility).


1.if the quality check is ok ,and i remove the sticker then start to install it .after i install it .it shows some error situation "right away" .is this within Warranty .

A: not within Warranty .since quality check is ok .the error happened during installation process .

2.if quality check is ok .and install it also ok . but a few months later .there's some problem . the iPhone wasn't dropped or any external force . is this within Warranty .

A: yes . this is still within Warranty .


Monday, August 28, 2017

Sintron iPhone LCD & Screen - before & after installation

if you are new beginner for replacing iPhone LCD & Screen .and you purchased Sintron "pure" iPhone LCD Screen .(which means it doesn't include the front camera ,flex cable .metal case etc...Sintron also has "complete" version ) .there are times we have been asked why the product is not the same as your iPhone Screen .then answer is in fact quite easy .you haven't transferred the parts from your old ( damaged ) screen to Sintron New Screen yet .below would be the list for all models (including 5 ,5c ,5s ,SE ,6 ,6 plus ,6s ,6s plus ,7 ,7 plus ) - before & after installation .

more info :iPhone screen installation guide

Model : 5
before :

5 after : front

5 after : back

Model : 5c
before :

5c after : front

5c after : back

Model : 5s & SE ( the same appearance )

before :

5s & SE after : front

5s & SE after : back

Model : 6 & 6 plus ( just the screen size is different )
before :

6 & 6 plus after : front

6 & 6 plus after : back

Model : 6s & 6s plus ( just the screen size is different )
before :

6s & 6s plus after : front

6s & 6s plus after : back

Model : 7
update soon


Thursday, August 24, 2017

iPhone LCD & Screen replacement installation problem - case 3 LCD got Cracked.

For iPhone LCD & Screen replacement ,Even you are professional shop for customers .sometimes it's possible to meet cracked inside situation .you can see below pictures. 
the common situation for cracked LCD inside is you can always find "BLACK BAR OR AREA".

iphone cracked LCD

This situation happens the most from the logistics problem .logistic company / post office might not care enough for the parcel .so there's some external force applied during the delivery process.
( if in this case .please contact Sintron for support and get a new one )

however .there are also some cases are that new beginner uses the wrong screws an then penetrate the LCD .so got it cracked. 

if you know how to tear off the layer of back light .

you can see the cracked area as picture below .

if this happens before the "final installation" .it's possible damaged during delivery .please kindly contact us .we will solve this soon for you .


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

iPhone LCD & Screen replacement installation error - case 2 Touch Screen not working

for LCD touch screen problem ,sometimes it is also possible the plug is not connected correctly (misalignment) ,this would cause the touch screen to be not sensitive ,not working at all .or even generate heats to iPhone itself.

please check below video for the situation:

if this happens ,try this trick to see if it works :

"When reconnecting the digitizer cable, do not press the center of the connector. Press one end of the connector, then press the opposite end. Pressing in the center of the connector can bend the
component and cause digitizer damage."

because most of time . you don't even know that there's misalignment .

find below link for more info :

iPhone screen replacement -- case 5 connecting & removing connector error


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

iPhone LCD & Screen replacement installation error - case 1 Bright Spot

When replacing iPhone LCD & Screen ,if you see an area that is brighter than other area .and this area just happens to be nearby the earpiece , camera ,or sensors with screws .most of time you would think ,I got a faulty one from Sintron iPhone Screen .Well...please hold on a second....

the reason is also possible that when you reinstall the earpiece , camera or screws .you didn't put them back correctly (or wrong screws problem ).so there's something behind that area is Pushing the Backlight of the Screen .then the situation would be similar to the picture shown below.

iPhone 6 Screen replacement

in this case ,please try to remove the possible parts such as earpiece ,camera ,home button etc...and test again to see if it works now.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Common mistakes while replacing iPhone screen -- case 5 connecting & removing connector error

after successfully open the iPhone .you might be so excited .and be less careful while removing the plug .the wrong way to removing and connecting the plug & connector would easily got the screen damaged .or furthermore ,got logic board connector damaged ! if logic board connector got damaged ,even you have new screen .you already can do nothing with your iPhone .

when removing the connector ,do not use "hand" to pull them ! instead ,Use the flat end of a spudger, or a fingernail, to disconnect the digitizer cable by prying it straight up from its socket on the logic board.

and most importantly .When reconnecting the cabledo not press the center of the connector. if the position is correct ,you don't need too much force .Press one end of the connector, then press the opposite end. Pressing in the center of the connector can bend the
component and cause damage.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Common mistakes while replacing iPhone screen-- case 4 forgot to remove battery connector

Sometimes this is just a forgetful thing, sometimes it's laziness, often it seems to be that the repair person isn't even aware it's supposed to be removed.

although usually while replacing the LCD & Screen .iPhone is already turned off .but it is still with power if you don't disconnect the battery plug .so if unfortunately some short circuit occurs during the process ,such as misalignment for plugs's possible to burn the LCD & Screen ,or even the logic board.

it's always a good habit to remove the battery plug to prevent unexpected damage for your iPhone .


Sintron iPhone LCD & Screen replacement guide

below are PDF files for your replacement .please check below to download.
we also list the most common mistakes !! so please must read it !wrong process would be very easy to damage the screen as well your iphone !!

iPhone 5 Screen replacement -- online PDF file
iPhone 5C Screen replacement -- online PDF file
iPhone 5S Screen replacement -- online PDF file
iPhone SE Screen replacement -- online PDF file

iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Screen replacement -- online PDF file --update soon

if you are professional, and notice there's some error in the instruction. please report to us and help us to improve the instruction. we & all other DIYers will appreciate it a lot!
Thanks again!
Sintron Technology


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Common mistakes while replacing iPhone screen-- case 3 wrong screws size

after you disassemble your iphone screen .if the screws are stored and look like as below picture.then you will be in trouble!

there's a lot of different screws size in iPhone ,they might be differing for only 0.1mm.

for our common sense ,interchange some screws should have no harm .but that's wrong !

Using the wrong screw in the reassembly can result in permanently damaged parts, including destroying the main circuit board, other times they become a nightmare for the unfortunate technician who has to service the phone the next time.

it's also possible to penetrate the back of Screen directly with physical damaged you can observe right away. so please must keep track of "every screw" !

below might be a good idea to help you keep tracking of them. where each screw goes you can draw a rough diagram of the phone on a sheet of paper and stick the screws down in their approximate locations with tape.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Common mistakes while replacing iPhone screen-- case 2 Forgot to transfer front proximity sensor / camera ring

Usually new beginners don't even know what they are and forgot to transfer them to new screen. Bonded to the original display units is a small clear plastic guide for the face camera, it stops it moving around by keeping it properly aligned relative to the hole in the screen.
When the plastic ring isn't transferred with the new display it can result in the camera showing strange blurred edges or pointing in the wrong direction or proximity sensor not working ( while you listen to phone . the screen won't light off )




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