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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Common mistakes while replacing iPhone screen-- case 3 wrong screws size

after you disassemble your iphone screen .if the screws are stored and look like as below picture.then you will be in trouble!

there's a lot of different screws size in iPhone ,they might be differing for only 0.1mm.

for our common sense ,interchange some screws should have no harm .but that's wrong !

Using the wrong screw in the reassembly can result in permanently damaged parts, including destroying the main circuit board, other times they become a nightmare for the unfortunate technician who has to service the phone the next time.

it's also possible to penetrate the back of Screen directly with physical damaged you can observe right away. so please must keep track of "every screw" !

below might be a good idea to help you keep tracking of them. where each screw goes you can draw a rough diagram of the phone on a sheet of paper and stick the screws down in their approximate locations with tape.


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