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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How to Avoid damaging New iPhone LCD & Screen - by Sintron

after we sold over 10,000+ LCD & Screen .we had collected all the returns back from our customers .below are the pictures we were testing once again for the returned ones .we would analyze every one of them .and to make sure we understand every customer's concern and to have better quality & customer experience in the future .

we found that if the LCD & Screen didn't get cracked during logistics delivery . and you found item can't work after Warranty Check . over 90% possibility it is related with the issue of "Flex cable" or the "Plug"

1. so what are the problems with the "Flex cable" ?

for iPhone flex cable , it's very fragile and easy to get damaged . so the first thing you need to keep in mind is . NEVER EVER "PULL THE CABLE"

 below are the pictures of the "flex cable" and another is the "IC" for LCD & Screen .

When you got Sintron iPhone LCD & Screen .make sure you don't pull the cable at all .the cable is connecting the IC with LCD & Screen .once you pull it .it's possible to get detached from the Screen .there are many pins .the most possible situation is ,only a few pins got detached .so you would see the LCD is showing correct display .while some parts of touch screen might not work perfectly .this is possible because some pins (which is in charge of date transferring) already got detached . so only Parts of data can be transferred to communicate with IC .

2.How about the Plug ?

for new beginner ( no offense ,but sometimes expert too ) ,when you put back the plug .( see how to avoid damaging logic board ) ,try to notice not to have misalignment error and please check "how to remove and connect the cable notice" ,

the key point is , after you plug it in correctly and power on your iPhone .don't touch or move the cable at all . because the cable is sending date all the time even you don't use the screen . if you touch the cable even a little bit . it's possible to cause the touch screen not function correctly . so when you see the touch function is not good .don't judge too fast .please try to double check if the cable is fixed good in position .



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