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Monday, June 24, 2019

Sintron iPhone Screen replacement - Why can't I use a New Home Button to have touch id function

Lots of customer would have questions like this:

Why the home button you provide can't work with touch id?

or Why don't you provide a home button with touch id ?


the answer is just easy, Apple iOS only allow one unique touch id to function, this is for Safety concern.

that's is to say, even you have another "Original" home button/ touch id ,they are still not interchangeable.

you can think of one situation, if the touch id is replaceable by others. nowadays, you would use your touch id to log in important app such as bank apps. if someone steal your iPhone, and they don't have your password and touch id / Fingerprint to unlock. but they can just replace a new touch id and make it to work. then steal money from your bank app by logging in from the "New" touch id. this is just a huge bug, isn't it ?

so now you understand "only" your original home button / touch id can work "only" with your iPhone.

hope this info helps.




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